Rotary Avenues of Service: Club Committees & Chairs

All club committees fall within the Rotary Avenues of Service and the Club Organization Chart. It is recommended that committee members be appointed to the same committee for 3 years to assure consistency. It is also suggested that the committee chair have experience as a committee member.

Community Service: Earleen Reimann
The Community Service Committee selects and organizes a variety of activities that benefit the local community and involves all members of the club.

International Service: OPEN
The International Committee works selects and organizes international service projects, friendship exchanges and anything international in nature with the exception of Youth Exchange.

Youth Service

Exchange: Non-operational for 2019-2020

The Exchange Committee is tasked with coordinating the clubs in-bound exchange student, finding host families, ensuring the success and health of the student and selecting the outbound exchange student.


The RYLA Committee oversees the club’s efforts in youth leadership programs, at the club, district or multidistrict level. The focus of the committee is secondary school students, university students, and young adults.

Scholarships: Laura Moore

The Scholarship Committee reviews the applications, interviews students, selects the vocational scholarship recipients as well as assigning mentors to ensure the success of the students while they are in their secondary schooling.

Interact: Collet Morgan-Gresham

The Interact Committee is tasked with managing the Interact club. This includes their community service projects, training and learning about Rotary and international projects through the local Hillsboro High School.

Club Service

Awards Committee: Jason Herinckx

The Awards Committee receives the nominations and conducts the voting for the Leo Dal Santo Award and the Rotarian of the Year award. The committee meets 2-3 times per year and works in cooperation with the Social Committee in planning the annual Banquet.

Finance Committee: OPEN

The Finance Committee is responsible for ensuring the fiscal health of the club and preparing the financials and budget.

Fundraising: OPEN

The Fundraising Committee plans and organizes fundraising programs. The committee comes up with ideas to present to the Board for fundraising. Example: In the past the committee has sold Roses. Currently, our largest fundraiser is the Hillsboro 4th of July Parade.

Historian: OPEN

The Historian engages all club members to record the activities and photographs in order to record the history of the club.

Internal Communications Committee: Dennis Frame

The Communications Committee services as the information hub for club members. Duties include keeping members abreast of club activities, managing the weekly door prize donor and greeters, maintains the website, manages DACdb and serves as DACdb support to the members, publishes the weekly newsletter “The Nairator” and is the main admin for social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

Membership: Judy Willey

The Membership Committee is involved in recruiting new members and fostering activities for the benefit of current members.

PR/Communication: Jason Gavigan

The PR and Communication Committee falls under the jurisdiction of the Executive Committee and is co-chaired by the Immediate Past President and the President Elect. All committee chairs are automatic members of the committee. The committee is tasked with managing the website, newsletter, social media and any paid media campaigns.

Program Committee: David Noyes

The Program Committee selects and schedules the weekly club program and speakers.

Social Committee: Dennis Frame & Donna Bosak

The Social Committee plans the monthly club social events, organizes visits to other clubs and other clubs social events as well as the annual Banquet in conjunction with the Awards Committee. The committee meets 2-3 times per year. The chair generates the reminders for the club, coordinates with the facilities where the events will occur and plans, and assigns for food and beverage responsibilities.