Application Process

There are essentially 8 steps to becoming a member of the Hillsboro Rotary Club:

  1. Attend as a guest at one or more meetings or functions to assure personal compatibility with club activities, goals, and ethics.
  2. If the candidate is still interested, submission to the Secretary of a membership proposal
    biographical form under the signature of the sponsor. This form is kept as confidential as possible.
  3. Evaluation of the submitted information by the Membership Committee.  The Membership
    Committee then confidentially passes on a recommendation for approval or disapproval to the Board of Directors.
  4. If the Board of Directors approves the sponsor’s proposal, a representative of the Membership
    Committee meets with the prospective member to assure that the candidate understands club
    expectations, including the personal financial implications. Should the candidate agree to proceed, he or she is asked to sign an agreement to authorize release of the candidate’s name to the general membership.
  5. Release the name of the prospective member to the general membership for comment.  The
    existing members have 7 days to make an objection to the candidate’s entrance to the club.
  6. Should an objection be raised, submission by the Board of the name to the full club membership
    for vote on the matter at the next club meeting. If the vote is favorable, the candidate will become a member upon payment of the initiation fee and dues.
  7. Should no objection be raised, the candidate is considered elected to membership upon payment of the initiation fee and dues.
  8. Formal induction of the successful candidate is scheduled for a subsequent weekly meeting.