Ruth Zuniga – Faculty, Pacific University

Posted on Friday, October 9, 2015

While Growing up in Costa Rica, I noticed the Rotary wheel in several places; first it caught my attention to see such symbols around parks, highways, hospitals, but my full attention and excitement grew once I learned what and whom it represented. Since, I had the dream one day I too would join an organization such as Rotary, so I could give back to my community. My desire to join Rotary was there for many years, but for one reason or another there were no opportunities to join, but once my husband and I moved to Hillsboro we both knew that was the time to join the organization. I was honored to be accepted by the
Hillsboro Rotary two years ago, and fulfill my dream of becoming part of an organization that was focused on giving back to the community and the world became a reality. In Rotary I found a place to be reminded of the importance of serving others and to be truly engaged in my community. But beyond serving my community, in Rotary I found a new community for myself, a new family and a home, and I am grateful and feel blessed for that.